Whether you're looking for a solid fundation, framework, woodwork, or any other service we provide, we'll be delighted to serve you from the first nail to the final piece of tile. Over the last half decade, our company has been committed to total customer satisfaction from the most complex, to the most simple projects.


 With over 5 years experience serving Greater Boston and othe major cities throughout the state of Massachusetts, one of our company's specialties is our custom wood working. We utilize only high quality wood, resistant to harsh weather conditions. From state-of-the-art from porches, to symmetrically designed backyard decks, our team of specialist strive to make your home dreams came true. That's why we utilize only the finest tools and the most qualified professionals to give you and your family what you truly deserve. Our Variety of finished wood products are designed to perfectionmeasured by exclusively high-quality international standars.



 The foundation is the most important section of Virtually anything in life. In everything we plan to do, in every aspect, a solid foundation is indispensable. Therefore this is no different in a house or building project. This is why we are very careful, and precise when you count on us to perform this delicate job for you. Not to say that any other task we fulfill is less important, but particularly in this one, we put every effort to ensure that the framework and finishing touch will be a solid one so that your home or building is set on a firm structure. Like every other function we carry out, we make use of concise mechanisms and carefully observed calculations to make sure the outcome of this intricate job will definitely be at a high standard.



 Our company is big on customizing because we believe our Customers should get what they want and how they want it. This is True with our custom wood work and its also true wit our custom Tiles. We know how important it is for your home to look its best, So when it comes to decoration we know how to help you match Your colors so that your floors will reflect what you’re looking for. Custom tiling is truly a work of art that reveals the Iinner artist in every person’s taste. From wood, to porcelain, to granite, our company would like to work with you, our valued customer, to ensure that your tile work will be exactly as you want it with total satisfaction guaranteed. 



 Designing is the first step to an elaborate process of building a Home or building. Our company knows that every customers is Unique, therefore we know how every single details is important in This whole procedure. For this reason, we want to work with our Customers in designing their dream homes. For five years, we Have combined our experience with customers’ ideas and Tastes to create on paper what eventually becomes a reality. With That being said, our team of expert would also like to work with You to create your home or building. 



 For our customers that already have a built home or building, And would like to spice it up with something more, our company Also offers this exclusive service. While we think this is a Creative way to improve your property, we don’t necessarily Want to alter it so it’ll lose its originality. However with the right Touch, we can take what you already have and simply enhance It to make it finer in a way that you’ll keep your initial piece. Therefore, whether you’re looking for a nice, cool, sun room, or A cozy bedroom or livingroom, we can work with you to make it happen.



 Beleza Construction LLC specializes in the demolition of barns, houses, and other early wooden structures, and the recovery of "antique" lumber. We also provide complete dismantling and reconstruction of vintage buildings.
Salvaged architectural and structural barn wood can be used for almost any application and is particularly well-suited for exterior and interior siding and flooring, adding a warm, rich character not often found in new materials. In addition to its beauty and time-proven quality, reclaimed lumber also provides both environmental and historical benefits.